1. The impossible has happened.

    I am out of sketchbooks.

  2. Quick phone photo because it’s a pain to scan and it’s late.

    ((uploaded a scan, not cleaned up because hey its from my sketchbook))

    But it’s inked.

    Pen, Pencil, Sketchbook

  3. Another sketchbook one.

    This time its seasonal.


  4. Sphynx

    Pen, Pencil, Sketchbook


  5. Eyes


    Pen test.

    (((What do you mean I’m blatantly ignoring other illustration work that I should be doing?)))

  6. Inked what I wanted to ink. Time for some color

    Probably going to refine the big a little more before the color.

  7. Sick to death of my tablet right now.

    Taking my my frustration out on innocent bristol board.

  8. Another doodle. This one has pencil. A mental amalgam of all my fallout characters.

  9. 5 min pen doodle while waiting to be tested.
    Sorry guys so much work stuff is going on right now.

    I have a lot if things almost done though so hopefully by next week I’ll have some fresh work on here.

  10. Needed a break.