1. trying to watch KlK after seeing it on my dash.  Love the concept, and the characterizations but

    Matoi’s battle outfit makes me cringe. 

  2. quick doodle, between doing a lot of work right now. 

    Pencil, sharpie, cardstock


  3. Did I mention I can only find a ballpoint pen to draw with?



  4. I was frustrated trying to work with PHP today and then this happened. 

    Mostly related to this (x)

  5. Bear your teeth.

    Had a thought about teeth and flowers.  Drawn before going to sleep.  

    Goodnight all.

    Painter, Cintiq


  6. Redraw for practice of none other than Brian Lee O’Malley’s wonderful Knives Chau.  

  7. Flat Witch Doodle

    Trying out somethings

    Perhaps a little bit of a 30day challenge we’ll see

    Painter, Cintiq


  8. Seascape Practice

    Painter, Cintiq


  9. I’m bouncing around on pieces at the moment.  Mostly because i’m testing out different approaches to digital painting again.  I find myself doing this at least once a year, to try and enrich how I approach art by seeing how others do it. 

    I like a lot of the color swatches on her right now, especially the area under her arm, and there’s another patch on her tail fin that isn’t part of the cropped image.

    Things I dont’ like as much are her expression and the overall distribution of light.  I’m going to play around with it more.

  10. About halfway through this.




    added a side b y side of where i am right now in working on it.  Sleep is happening now.